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Of course you love the.ego.tripper, but there are others out there equally cool or maybe even better. Like these friends and colleagues (if you wish to star in this list, please send a greeting card):

Almost equally cool
Days on the Road
Nomadic Samuel
Smiling Faces Travel Photos
That Backpacker
The Longest Way Home
The Wonderful Unknown
True Nomads
The Redhead Explorer
Adventure Women
Adventurous Kate
Borders of Adventure
Chasing Travel
Expert Vagabond
Global Grasshopper
Go See Write
Hiking the Trail
Just One Way Ticket
Life, Love and Adventure
Mapping Megan
Matt Gibson
Meander the World
Melissa Arnot
Never Ending Voyage
Off The Path
Ordinary Traveler
Plan Your Escape
Round We Go
Stay Adventurous
The Planet D
Walk Simply
Weekend Sherpa