Top destinations

Best for party: Las Vegas, Sydney, Krakow, Berlin, Tokyo

Tastiest food: Italy, Japan, Thailand, In&Out Burger, Lebanon

Most picturesque villages: Ronda, Mazunte, Hakone, Cinque Terre, Bled, Munnar, Dubrovnik (Old Town)

Most awesome islands: La Gomera, Koh Chang, Sicily, Malta, Andaman, Hvar

Most beautiful nature and wildlife: Plitvice, Yosemite, Palenque, Krabi, Mount Rainier, Koh Chang, Krka

Most interesting cities: Prague, Kyoto, Berlin, Chiang Mai, Cape Town, Bruges, Barcelona, Split

Also very interesting: Vienna, Budapest, Portland, Beirut, Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, Lisbon, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Edinburgh, Florence, Rome

Somewhat disappointing: Copenhagen, Cancún, Alghero, Chennai, Madrid, Phuket, Bratislava, Gdansk

Best public restrooms: Japan (no competition)


  1. Totally agree on Cancun being disappointing.. its been ruined by resorts. I prefer down the coast – Akumal and Tulum. Love the list by the way, hopefully one day I will be able to check some of these off my list!

  2. Great lists, but have you considered any of the Cyclades Greek Islands for your list of best ones? If you haven’t been, try Paros (and its Golden Beach) and Santorini’s Exquisite sunsets.

  3. E.t.: I was interested in your tastiest food destinations but didn´t saw LIMA in it. Def worth exploring!

  4. Hello E.T!
    As I have here a page (from sTEPSmagazine) showing E.T. with a photo from Myanmar, I hoped to find soms information on your site . But I found nothing>.Have you been in Myanmar?And if so, can you share information?


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