Udaipur, Venice of India

Remember how I promised I would show you Udaipur? Well, here it is! It’s Sheherazade-like magic, isn’t it? Venice of India, they call it. City of Lakes, they call it. All true!

People who have been to India know how crowded and crazy it can get, especially in the big cities. Luckily there are alternatives, like Udaipur, capital of the old Mewar kingdom and one of the most beautiful cities in Rajasthan and the rest of India. The city was founded by Maharana Udai Singh II, hence ‘Udaipur’, settlement of Udai. I personally would have called it ‘Lakeview’ or something, cause wherever you look, there’s water.

Udaipur is built around a few very big (and sometimes artificial) lakes. The city’s been pretty famous ever since James Bond landed here in Octopussy. Did he stay in the Lake Palace? Not too sure, but I think so. Now it’s called the Taj Lake Palace hotel, situated in Lake Pichola, right in front of the City Palace. As you can tell, there are a lot of palaces in this area. I actually stayed in the Fateh Prakash Palace hotel, which is part of the palace the actual king still lives in.

In Lake Pichola there’s another palace, Jag Mandir, the Garden Palace. In the background you will find the Monsoon Palace. Luckily there are temples as well. Cause you’ll get sick of all the beautiful palaces after you’ve seen one (sorry, I’m lying, all of the palaces are simply stunning). If you do go into town, please visit the Jagdish Temple. And the Nehru Garden!

Anyway, I will stop talking now. You want pictures, I understand.


Udaipur 5


Udaipur 11

Udaipur 10

Udaipur 9

Udaipur 8

Udaipur 7

Udaipur 6

Udaipur 3

Udaipur 2

udaipur 1


  1. Lovely pictures! During my time in India Udaipur was one of the places I couldn’t get to >< huhuhu, now I want to even more!

    Tell me, did you visit Pushkar? How would you compare the two?

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