Ow man, I’m still recovering from my trip to Budapest last weekend. Ow man, my head’s still spinning and my feet still hurt. But ow man, did I have an amazing time! Obviously I didn’t see much of the city this time (although I slept it off on the Hop On Hop Off Bus), cause I spent almost all of my time in Sziget, Europe’s biggest and funnest festival, with over fifty stages and over 400.000 visitors.

Anyway, I loved Sziget. Again. It’s like you’re a kid in a toy store. It’s a carnival for grown ups. It’s just what the doctor prescribed! Okay, I must admit: the bands that were playing on Thursday and Friday weren’t really that awesome, except for Shantel perhaps, but who cares when you’re walking around with a bucket of Long Island Ice Tea of a can of Pilsner Urquell?

To keep it short and simple: you know how I like to use the expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and then still write about 14 paragraphs about a destination? Annoying huh, but this time I will shut up early and let you enjoy the festival photography. Made with my new Samsung Galaxy SIII (I f°cking love that thing!). If you happen to recognize someone, or yourself perhaps, don’t be ashamed. You are awesome!

(lucky Axe basterd!)

(nice thought: Let’s Sziget Fucked!)

(of course, how could I forget about the Chuck Norris Bar?)

(the.ego.tripper, quietly enjoying a Pilsner Urquell)

(the famous bridge/entrance to the island)

(quite a hairy back)

(view from our room at the Art’otel Budapest. I can recommend this hotel to anyone going to the festival!)

(okay, one picture of Budapest)

(the festival outfit. You see how I keep ‘travelling’ in mind)

(Okay, I have to get a little commercial here. I got this awesome travel bag from Herschel and it turned out to be the perfect festival travel bag, with a separate compartment for stinky shoes and a bag for your worn clothes. The model is called the Outfitter. It’s quite large (54liter), but I managed to sneak it past Ryanair security as hand luggage!)

(Bye bye, see you next year!)

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