So pretty it hurts my eyes

What do you think, dear ego.trippers? Should we all take a trip to Palau together? Great idea. But where is it? And what is it? I could explain this to you, but it’s easier if I just tell you it’s paradise. And do you wanna know how much a ticket to paradise costs? According to HolidayPirates no more than 847 euros.

ALright, you just want a bit more info. Here it goes: Palau is a country that consists of islands in the western Pacific. The capital of Palau is Melekeok, which is the smallest capital in the world, with only 390 inhabitants. So chances are slim you’re gonna find your soulmate on Palau. But here’s a possibility: why don’t you Bring Your Own?

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    1. Would be pretty nice, yeah. Though you might be more likely to go to Palau, since it’s relatively close to Australia. If you do, have fun!

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