Colombia: rough diamond

So you’ve been to Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, China, Thailand and many other countries… What’s next on the bucket list? Good question, if I can say so myself. What’s next on the bucket list? Please write down your top three in a comment. I’m pretty sure Colombia won’t make the list for most of you. Too bad, cause the South American country seems to have been growing a pair of tourist balls. I’ll explain.

But first: I normally don’t write a lot of articles on destinations I haven’t been to. But sometimes you get these awesome press releases and can’t resist to share. The Belgian travel shop ‘Vreemde Kontinenten’ just organized their first group trip to Colombia and because of overwhelming awesomeness they’re going again this July and probably again later this year. Why? Isn’t Colombia one of the most dangerous countries in the world in terms of violence, drugs, abductions, …? Well, yes, ten years ago. But the country has changed. And now the country has it all: Andes mountains, dense jungle, peachy beaches, colonial-style cities with amazing architecture, … And Shakira. Which means the best music ever. Just kidding. I’m not a fan.

But I could well become a fan of Colombia (more Dutch info on Vreemde Kontinenten). Or as travellers call it: South America’s rough diamond.

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  1. Mexico/Belize for culture and diving, Oceania so I can say that I have been to all 7 continents and Croatia (your blog inspired me for that one!) are next on my bucket list. Citytrips to do: Budapest, Marrakech and Athens.

    1. On my bucket list for the moment (this changes every two minutes): Canada (again), Argentina and Bali. And Bolivia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Madagascar, … And for citytrips: St-Petersburg, Istanbul, Hong Kong, … Tomorrow I’ll have a different list, I’m sure.

  2. I have so many on my list but I have been wanting to go to Colombia for years! I also want to visit Jordan maybe and Vanuatu amongst many, many others. Plus all the Colombians I know are super cool!

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