Croatia Blog Week: Randoms

Finally, day 7 of Croatia Blog Week has arrived, which means you’ll never have to hear about this country again for as long as you stay fans of the.ego.tripper. This is not a promise by the way. You may have noticed I had a wonderful time in Croatia, so probably I’ll go back someday.

But anyway, there’s not much more I could do during my eight days over there. I started in Zadar, visited two amazing national parks (Plitvice and Krka), visited two amazing cities (Dubrovnik and Split), visited three amazing islands (Hvar, Mljet and Korcula), drove the coastal highway from north to south and back, visited Bosnia for about 30 kilometers of highway, ate tons of seafood, had a lot of pivo (Croatian for beer), … I could go on. But that’s not what you are here for of course.

In this last blogpost of Croatia Blog Week I have only one more thing to offer: bits and pieces of Croatia, with a bit of Zadar, a bit of Korcula, a bit of Trogir, a bit of views from the coastal highway, … Hope you’ll enjoy these last pictures and hope you loved Croatia Blog Week. Thanks for visiting.

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Written by the.ego.tripper

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  1. I’ve loved your Croatia posts. The place looks and sounds incredible! I hope I can get there myself someday.

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