Croatia Blog Week: Split

Day 5 of Croatia Blog Week. I know you must be getting sick and tired of Croatia already, but just hang in there for a couple of days more. And be sure to come back tomorrow, because I’ve got a nice one lined up for you. That doesn’t mean today’s Croatian destination is not worth while. Au contraire, mes amis! To me, Split was the surprise of the holiday. Before I went on my Croatia trip I didn’t hear many good stories about Dalmatia’s biggest city. More traffic, more skyscrapers, dirtier, uglier, … In hindsight I can honestly say: who comes up with this kinda nonsense? Com’on, get over yourselves! Split is cool! Of course it’s bigger, busier, dirtier. But it’s a real city. Where real people live. With a real Croatian atmosphere. And a truly stunning old center.

You know how I didn’t really plan to go to Split, maybe because of all the negative publicity that reached my ears in the last weeks before my departure. But when I was driving back from Dubrovnik and had to spend the night and next day somewhere, I chose Split. But only after I checked out Brela, a town that supposedly has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (I don’t think I found it), Makarska (which wasn’t really attracting me at the time) and Omis (which was really not for my taste, I must say) on my way north. So Split it was, because the others failed to interest me. And OMG: lucky me! Split treated me to a wonderful stay! Split is young, hip, vibrant, lively. It’s not only great for partying, but also for sightseeing, for walking the promenade next to the sea, for shopping. The main attraction of the city is the Diocletian palace, right in the center of town. With its narrow streets, tons of restaurants and cool cocktail bars, this small walled city is just amazing.

Yes, because it was my birthday, I was almost even persuaded to go on a pub crawl. Nothing like a good pub crawl to make you feel 21 again, no? But in the end I decided I was too old for this kind of shit. So I went on my own pub crawl. And met people who were on their pub crawl. 21 year old Australian people, mostly. Again, those Ozzies. How many of them are travelling Croatia, for God’s sake?

Anyway, about the last two pictures: the map: you can see Google doesn’t allow you to travel through Bosnia and Hercegovina. But please do! And about the last pic: sorry, stole it from the web. Again, I’m not tall enough to make pictures like this.


  1. Hi I’ve came across this website accidentally (at the hairdressers, reading the Flair magazine, in Belgium , ha ha ) , and then seeing the picture of the beautiful Plitvice lakes , I went in more in- depth research of your website. Being myself from Split , I am very happy to read all this great stuff about the town where I was born.

    1. Oh you saw me in Flair, did you? Well, I’m glad you made it to my blog. Also nice to hear you like it. Hope you get the chance to visit Split soon. Wait, let me rephrase: Hope I get the chance to visit Split soon. Really liked my stay there.

  2. Split has a very interesting old town. A huge part is taken up by Diocletian’s Palace, the residence of a Roman era ruler. But rather than tearing down the Roman bit, the people of Split just built around it. So you end up with a mish mash of Roman architecture, temples to Roman gods, trophies from campaigns in Egypt (like a real Egyptian sphinx) alongside medieval streets, soaring church belltowers, and lots of knick knack shops.

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