Croatia Blog Week: Dubrovnik

I’m late today, serving you Croatia Blog Week, aren’t I? Well, that’s because I had to go to Holland to pick up my new dog. More on the dog later. I know you care more about the next CBW destination, which is Dubrovnik. This time I didn’t include a map, because it’s so simple to get from Mljet to Dubrovnik: by car you take the ferry back to Prapratno (half an hour) and drive south (about an hour, I guess). And if you don’t have a car, it’s even more simple: just take a direct passenger ferry to Dubrovnik. It’s that simple!

The city of Dubrovnik is truly magnificent. Not unlike our very own Bruges, Dubrovnik is a fantastic open air museum. It’s so pretty and marbly, it’s shiny and old at the same time, it’s classic, yet has the coolest bars with splendid views of the ocean. I don’t want to waste too much text on the city though, because I’m sure you’re gonna go someday or have already done so. It’s honestly brilliant and beautiful. The only downside I could think of were – again – the enormous groups of (elderly) tourists.


    1. Such great pics! Happy to say I already booked my trip, and then came across your site. How lucky am I to find these great tips ?! Thanks 🙂

      1. You’re a very lucky girl! Partly because you stumbled upon the.ego.tripper, but mainly because you booked a trip to Croatia. Already jealous!! Have fun and please come again.

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