Croatia Blog Week: Plitvice

OMG OMG, Croatia Blog Week, also known as CBW, has arrived. I’m so excited and I can feel you are too. And you should be. This week is gonna be (this is not a spelling mistake, it’s the Croatian version of Barney, aka Barnic). Anyway, yesterday evening I landed in Brussels-Charleroi after nine days in paradise. Honestly, my holiday in Croatia was f*cking fantastic. All of it. Absolutely all of it. Except for maybe a few things. I think it’s easier for all of us if I just spit out the few negatives. Here we go. Firstly: don’t you buy that Croatian Lonely Planet. Damn you, LP, you keep getting worse and worse. Secondly: lots of Croatian people in the tourism industry could use a lesson in customer service or plain politeness. Thirdly: don’t rent a car at Oryx. Assholes.

Okay, now that we’ve got that of our chest, it’s time for absolute awesomeness. And we’ll start the awesomeness in Plitvice, the national park I said I wouldn’t go to because it would have cost me too much time to drive to and back. But when I arrived in Zadar last week (see map all the way at the end of this story), I felt I couldn’t resist it. I mean, you had seen the pics in my ‘Skipping Plitvice’ post. Honestly, who could say no to that. And my God, was I happy to have chosen to go there. The drive from Zadar was quite nice, except for a traffic accident in a tunnel which had us stuck in a jam for about an hour. But quite nice rapidly turned into frikkin’ amazing once I bought the entrance ticket to the Plitvice Lakes.

Okay, so, Plitvice is divided into upper and lower lakes and to see all of them, you need at least four or five hours. My tip: take the little bus to the top of the park and hike down to the little boat that’ll bring you to the lower lakes. Don’t take any shortcuts! Remember: every corner of this park is hauntingly beautiful, so you don’t want to skip an inch. Or too many inches. In the lower lakes you’ll find the big water fall, which sounds like it’s the highlight of the park, but it really isn’t. Not that it’s boring or anything, it’s just that the upper lakes are so much more beautiful. OMG OMG, I still can’t believe all the shades of green, turquoise and blue. I still can’t believe the under water world of Plitvice. Since there’s no swimming allowed, the park’s water is sweat- and sunblock free. It’s truly unbelievable how clear the water is in these lakes. It’s so inviting, you just wanna jump in, open a can of beer, fart and pretend you’re in a huge jacuzzi.

The only annoyance in this park is the shitload of tourists. But June turned out to be okay. It was pretty crowded, but not to the extreme. But I can imagine that you get annoyed during the busy summer months, when you’re stuck behind a group of age old German tourists all trying not to fall into the water. My tip: give em a little nudge. Have fun!

Oh, one more thing: in this fantastic Croatia Blog Week, which you will tell all of your friends and family about by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll not only get served a portion of Plitvice, but also a slice of Hvar, Mljet, Dubrovnik, Split, Krka and maybe even Korcula and Trogir. OMG OMG!!


  1. I’ve been waiting for these blogs to start all week!! Cannot wait to see more. Croatia has never really been on my list, but it looks utterly stunning now you’ve put it on my radar! Once there, is the country pretty cheap or a kinda pricey?? Wonder if I can convince the BF we need to try it this year?! Eeek.

    1. So someone has been waiting for CBW to arrive? I like your style! You’ll love CBW, I promise. So much even that you will easily convince the BF. If not with my pics and writing, I’m sure you’ll find a way to persuade him. But I must admit Croatia is not really cheap. I mean, it’s not ridiculously expensive either, but it’s not just any other Balkan country with a currency worth less than nothing. No sir, hotel prices get pretty high in tourist season, but I kinda solved that problem by staying in guest houses (which were reasonably priced and sometimes a lot nicer than boring hotel rooms). But it’s all well worth the money, even if you pay more in some places (like Dubrovnik).

      1. Thanks. I was going to get my convincing skills on for Bled (after seeing that post!) but Croatia’s now topped it! Wish me luck!

  2. Thanks guys. I also hope to serve you a bit of Croatia you haven’t seen yet. Please come back for more Croatian awesomeness during CBW.

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