I’m skipping Plitvice

I know, don’t shoot me, I feel bad enough as it is. But guys, I really can’t make it to Plitvice this time. It’s too far north-east from where I’m landing and I wanna go island hopping in southern Croatia. You understand, right? Of course you don’t! Look at these pictures. Is Plitvicka Jazera not the most beautiful national park you have ever seen? Or is it a little Disney for your taste?

Anyway, in two days I’m off to Croatia. I’m renting a car in Zadar and I’ll be cruising the coastal highway down to Dubrovnik, while island hopping in between. I’m not sure if this is really a plan, it just got stuck in my head when I booked my flight with Ryanair. Actually, I have no idea of where I’m going after Zadar. Maybe via Krka National Park and Split to the island of Brac, then to the island Hvar and Korcula to Dubrovnik? We’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll still have time to cross the Bosnian border and see Mostar. Who knows? All I know is that I won’t be seeing Plitvice. Or will I?

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Whatever you do, don’t skip Montenegro:



    1. That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? If I can come up with better pictures than these after my holiday, I will have proven to be right, no?

  1. i wish i could personally marvel on this place! My gosh! is this for real?I’m so loving the first photo:) Hope you don’t mind me re-blogging it…

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      Got awed with a fantastic shot of the first picture.. Loving this Park so much! I’ve got to save more to wander in this place for real 🙂

    1. Because I’m not gonna be in the Zagreb area. My plane lands in Zadar and I’ve gotto make my way to Dubrovnik. I could of course drive northeast for two hours first, spend a few hours in the park and then head south for another four hours or so. But I don’t really wanna rush things that much. Not going to Plitvice is the perfect excuse to visit Croatia again, soon.

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