Hannover, why not?

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Because the.ego.tripper is becoming more and more known, appreciated and loved, I’ve gotten numerous emails from different tourism offices from all over the world. (Psht: I’m exaggerating). The destination that caught my eye this time was Hannover. Yes, Germany’s Hannover, in the lovely state of Lower Saxony (where you can obviously have lower sax, but who knows what that means?). Why? Because of what they have to offer during the summer: colorful music and firework festivals, beer, Deutsche Mädchen, Gemütlichkeit, Gründlichkeit, I’m out of German words now. But looking at the pictures, I’d say a trip to Hannover would make for a very cool getaway. Just a couple of days, you know, until you get tired of the Currywürste. I’d say: give it a try. Hannover, why not?

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  • http://mariathermann.wordpress.com mariathermann

    You can also hop on a local train and visit Braunschweig or the Harz Mountains, while you’re in Hannover. And yes, I know what the above German words mean. Prosit und viel Spass.

    • http://theegotripper.wordpress.com the.e.t

      Thanks for the tips, Maria. But what does that German word mean?

      • http://mariathermann.wordpress.com mariathermann

        which one in particular? prosit = cheers; und viel Spass = have fun; affentittengeil = impossible to translate …motherf***ing brilliant doesn’t really do it justice.

      • http://theegotripper.wordpress.com the.e.t

        And there I thought it had something to do with horny monkeys. Silly ol’ me.

  • http://ishooteditnblog.wordpress.com ishooteditnblog

    Lovely shots! Well Taken! =)

    • http://theegotripper.wordpress.com the.e.t

      Very true. I’ll send your thanks to the Hannover tourism office and their pr agency that provided me with these.

  • http://ohgodmywifeisgerman.wordpress.com Oh God, My Wife Is German

    Great Hannover post! Thank you for sharing!

    … following your blog …

    – Oh God, My Wife Is German.

  • http://www.soundofc.be Jo Thuys

    You’re quite welcome what those pictures are concerned :-)
    Hope you all get the chance to visit this great city!

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