Eastpak 2

the.e.t in the sky with…

Achtung, readers, achtung. First order of business: I shat myself. Not to worry, you will not smell anything and I will clean it up later. Second order of business: Yes, I am an idiot. More on that later. Back to the act of shitting myself. You must wonder why I did such a thing (because you realize it is unpleasant, don’t you?). Well, because I went on a helicopter ride over Antwerp, my beautiful hometown. And you couldn’t have forseen you’d shit yourself, dear the.ego.tripper? Good question, readers. But the answer is no. I was invited by Eastpak’s pr agency to witness the start of their new campaign. Their mysterious idea: when was the last thing you did something for the first time? It kept me wondering for a few days.

Unfortunately shitting myself was not the first time. But riding a helicopter (is riding the correct verb here? I mean: sitting in a helicopter while someone is flying it) definitely was! What an exhilarating surprise. And you know what: it was awesome! I saw my city from a complete different angle. I must say Antwerp is quite impressive from up high. If you have the money and the diaper, I’d recommend it.

Our very interesting (new) museum MAS

Alright, about me being an idiot. So, what happened was, I filmed my helicopter ride holding my phone the wrong way. But honestly, I had smellier stuff to think about, so please forgive me for my mistake. You can still enjoy the little movie I made, can you not?

Ah yes, of course I need to do some advertising for Eastpak as well. And they do have some good travel stuff, I must say. In their new media campaign Eastpak wants to inspire everyone to look for new experiences and discover new ways to enrich our lives. Good plan, Eastpak, I think you just stole that idea from the.ego.tripper! Anyway, the big question Eastpak is asking is this: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Please leave your answer in a comment!!

3 comments on “the.e.t in the sky with…

  1. It’s been too long since I did something for the first time. I’ll get myself an Eastpak and do something new.. Good stuff B!


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