Venezuela, yes or no?

I need some help here, people. The time has come that you, fans of the.ego.tripper, will make or break a travel story. I urge you not to break it. Please don’t break it. Alright, here is what’s gonna happen. While I was browsing the internet in search of cheap flights to anywhere, I stumbled upon a great deal to Venezuela. From Brussels to Caracas and back to London for only 379 euros? I’ve had shoes more expensive than that (as a fan of the.ego.tripper you do realize this last sentence was a lie, since I only walk around in Chucks).

So I started looking into Venezuela as a holiday destination. But before you get to the good stuff of the country, you have to crawl your way through a shitload of warnings. Don’t carry too much money, don’t get mugged, don’t step outside the airport building after a certain hour, try not to get shot or abducted, don’t buy drugs, if you do happen to go to Venezuelan prison watch out for gunfights, … It’s kinda scary. And probably Venezuela has some really irritating mosquitoes too! On the other hand, their Angel falls are the highest waterfalls in the world, with a drop of over a kilometer. And they do have good looking nature, don’t they? But what about the warnings? Is it really so bad? It would not be a relaxing holiday if you can’t go out after 6pm.

So people, what do you say? Who has been to Venezuela? Who loved it? Or who got shot? This is your chance to shine on the.ego.tripper.

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  1. A good friend of mine went for two weeks 7 years ago, haven’t seen him since………… sorry only kidding, yeah I would go big time.

    1. Never been to Venezuela, but I’d say most definitely yes, go for it. I’m leaving to Afghanistan in 3 days, and that’s no safer place to be than Venezuela.. Knowledge, information and common sense should keep you safe regardless of where you are..

      1. Just go! There are endless warnings for a lot of countries. You can be robbed in your own house as well! Relax and enjoy!! Have fun!

  2. Hey there! I’m a venezuelan living in Belgium for five years now…. First of all, that’s one sweet deal you found!! Do you mind sending the link… Perhaps I could go visit the family! 😉

    Now about your question, Venezuela yes or no, I guess I would be a gigantic douche with no pride for his roots if I said no. So I tell you YES GO GO!! Venezuela is one of the most beautiful places in the world… We have it all… Snowy mountains, Caribbean beaches, a desert and plains like you find in Africa and one of the most impressive parts of the Amazonian forest… So the nature is all there… The Venezuelan average person is quite warm and welcoming… But like everywhere else we do have a bunch of mayor
    A-holes running arround, so watch out and keep an eye open at all times, especially around the police, if there’s a place where you can say A.C.A.B., sadly enough that’s Venezuela. And the danger part is also no bullshit. But it’s definitely no reason not to go there… Unless youre a big wuss! 😉

    You just have to be aware of your surroundings and treat your trip a bit as an extreme turistic adventure experience of epic proportions!

    The best way to go is to try to hook up with some locals that share your interests. They will point you on the right direction and Take care of finding your drugs and to get you places the safest way possible. Again, Venezuelans are naturally extremely welcoming. So hook up with a good one and go on from there…

    I just came back to Belgium after a 3 month stay in Venezuela and I loved it… I mean it’s not perfect but it’s a surreal place… Always facinating.
    I must Admit I got ripped off by some cops for smoking some weed with some friends, they took around 100 $ from us. I was also home jacked At by a group of six thugs with guns that came into my house and stole a tv ad a bunch of computers money and cameras. They weren’t very polite but they didn’t hurt anybody so in Venezuela we say “we were lucky!”
    Material is meaningless – life means everything.
    With this two shitty incidents aside… The rest of th three month where extremelly enjoyable…. Great food, great beaches, amazing ladies! The drugs are not bad either if that’s what youre into 😉 so go go go!
    But take good care and bring enough money cuz Venezuela ain’t cheap… Also try to sneak as much cash into the country so you can change t into venezuelan currency on the black market… The official exchange rate is a huge rip off so getting your euros or dollars changed into bolivares by a bank is not really recommendable.

    I know this must seem like a lot to process and a bit of a hassle but it is really all worth it to see paradise on earth.

    I wish you a lot of luck on your Venezuelan adventure and hope this helped you make the decision to go and visit one of the most amazing places on earth!

    El Topo
    Co-founder @

    1. Wow, lots of info. Thanks man!!! So getting ripped off by the cops and being homejacked is like a pretty sweet deal in three months time? Anyway, I believe you when you talk about an amazing place on earth. Honestly, the crime wouldn’t hold me back at all. It’s more you saying Venezuela is not so cheap, that is holding me back a bit. But I guess there is a price to pay for paradise, isn’t there? Anyway, thanks for sharing your info, it’s really helpful!

      1. wel its not unbelievably expensive either but it is a bit parallel with belgium… weed and beer cost the same as here… food is a bit cheaper…. taking buses to travel can be cheap but getting on a plane to go to the amazonian can cost you a pretty penny… so you gotta look around and make sure you take cash euros and change them into bolivares in the black market… the black market gives you more than twice the official value for your euros…

        1. My cousin went a year ago with her partner and loved it! I think it’s like most of latin america; some people will always be out to rip you off and it’s better off staying away from cops if you can. I hear that Caracas can be a bit dangerous so just use your common sense i guess and try not to get into any fake taxis.. by the way it’s a huge YES -I have been dying to go there for ages and still haven’t been!!

          1. I’m not sure if you went at the end. I think eventhough the dangers you could be very impressed with the magicals and unique landscapes. I leave you here the link of my blog, in my first post I talk about Angel Falls (but in spanish). So, you are totally welcome to have a look. By the way, I love you blog.

  3. Hey e.t.,
    I went to Venezuela last year, only for two days though. I really liked the place but of course crime is a reality (like it is all over the world), particularly organized crime. In Caracas, our driver wouldn’t let us (me and my two other female friends) walk further than a couple of meters away from him and he got nervous whenever we pulled out a camera to take a picture. Caracas has a bit of a reputation and he didn’t seem as protective in other areas. I’m not one to be too alarmist and if we worried about any possible thing going wrong we probably wouldn’t travel anywhere. Just keep your wits about you, don’t display valuables, try not to look like too much of a tourist, and be wary of anyone who tries to “befriend” you. The usual travel things.
    Venezuela is beautiful and has a lot to offer. I haven’t been to Angel Falls but I’m sure they would make the trip worth it in itself. So, it’s a YES from me!

    1. I say go for it. My friend went many years ago and he loved it – loved it so much he went back twice. Don’t have much by way of input on Venezuela but keep in mind the usual dos and don’ts of travel – always be aware of your surroundings, wear nondescript clothing, absolutely no jewellery, in some parts of the world you could get killed for your cell phone (no kidding!). No matter how hard you try to fit in, they’ll spot you for a tourist but you don’t want to invite unnecessary attention either. Only take with you what you’re willing to leave behind or loose. The best thing would be to connect with a friend’s family there. Good luck!

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