God Damme!

I have a question for you: who is your favorite actor in the whole world? If your answer is Jean-Claude Van Damme, you are a true film connaisseur and my new best friend at the same time! Yes, he is awesome, isn’t he? And he is ‘van Damme’, which translates into ‘from Damme’. So, what the fèç!èç is Damme, you ask? Well, it’s a small village close to Bruges. And it’s magical. And picturesque, God Damme! I’ll show you:

See how they were rolling out the red carpet for the.ego.tripper? Good people! Anyway, I spent the weekend in this part of Belgium and I loved it (that’s why you couldn’t find a new blogpost yesterday). The touristic office in Damme offered me a guided tour in their lovely village and a Vespa tour in their lovely area. Please, if you visit Bruges in the near future, take a few hours to go to Damme. It’s only six kilometres away and it’s well worth your time and energy. It’s especially nice for those who go crazy with Bruges’ mass tourism. If you’re a foodie, you’ll have a blast too!

10 comments on “God Damme!

  1. I love the windmill shot. When we were in Belgium and Holland, we never saw any. I thought they would be everywhere. I guess times have changed or they are in a particular region. Great shots! Reminds me so much of our last trip there, that and our good friends living there. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your post.


  2. Why is it that amongst the beautiful photos and the Jean Claude Van Damme reference, the thing that really caught my eye and actually made my heart hurt was the photo of the scooter? I want one so bad. HAHA.


  3. Looks gorgeous! Love finding out about new places I didn’t know about. I was just in France and thought about hopping on a train to Brussels and just to do Belgium but I decided to focus my trip on the little villages in Provence. Bruges and Dammes look like places I’d really love though


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