Traveller’s Art

What a rough day I’ve had. I started painting my white wall this morning and I only finished just now (which is 4.35pm by the way). But the result is sweet: traveller’s art on my wall. A black world map that isn’t geographically correct, but still close enough I feel. Man, so proud. Looking good. A little too good, don’t you think? Yeah, you’re right, you got me. This is not really my artwork, it’s just a mural sticker I bought online. But I still had to get it on the wall, you know. Which was not easy. So: still yeah me! What do you think? Oh, here is where I ordered the sticker, in case you want to follow my example. I like some of their city skylines as well, maybe get one of those for my bedroom. I’d go for Copenhagen, because that is the most boring city in Europe. So it should offer me the best night’s sleep.


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