Sleepless in Kyoto

As you all know, the.ego.tripper likes travelling. Otherwise I don’t think I would come up with a blog like this. But from all the travels I’ve done, there are a few that really stand out. And my trip to Japan was definitely one of those few. I talked to you earlier about getting a cheap flight to Tokyo, but my favorite Japanese city is – without a doubt – Kyoto. Why, you ask. I’ll tell you why: temples, temples, temples, food, sushi, nightlife, bars, food, more food, cabin hotels, maiko, arashiyama, bamboo, shrines, did I mention food? And bars? Sake? You get the point. Should I mention there are 17 locations in Kyoto that are currently on the UNESCO World Heritage list?

The old capital of Japan is actually Japan’s prettiest city, and with over 2000 temples and shrines one of the most cultural ones as well. Yes, I know, if you arrive by Shinkansen (bullet train) you’ll find yourself in a very futuristic train station with rooftop patio. And once you step out of the station, it’s all urban. Or so it seems. But if you start walking, you’ll notice there’s much more to it: Kyoto is not only an urban wonder, it also holds tons of natural treasures (like Arashiyama). And what about the fantastic ‘food trail’ along the river bank? A bottle of sake makes it even more cosy. And after you’ve been to the club where Ken Ishii spins his records (or he just happened to be there when I walked into this club, sorry can’t remember the name), you’ll head for your cabin hotel. Just open the drawer, lay down and get some relatively cheap sleep. In order to do exactly the same thing the next day.


  1. This is so true. Kyoto also took my breath away… Most amazing traditional city in japan.

    1. Sorry voor het late antwoord, Niel, was even op vakantie. Drie weken Japan op je eentje, dat is zeker doenbaar en zelfs een absolute aanrader. Het zal misschien iets eenzamer zijn dan in pakweg Thailand, wegens minder toeristen en het barre Engels van de Japanners, maar het zal wel een unieke ervaring zijn.

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  3. Hey Sebastiaan; the three girls above seem to be looking over your left shoulder; even if they were posing for someone else, you made a beautiful catch, and we can sure see why you were sleepless 🙂 . The boating shot is also full of interest, with the well-mannered Japanese sitting straight up on the park bench, discussing their afternoon at the lake and wondering about teatime. E.T.s you say?

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