Peachy beaches

As you read earlier, peachy is one of my new synonyms for nice. And peachy looks like beach. Y. Therefore the title. Man, I should stop explaining these things, you get it, don’t you: this post is about good looking beaches. I mean pristine. Yes, pristine. Good choice of words. If I ever meet a beautiful girl whose name is Christine, I will write a blogpost titled Pristine Christine. I promise. But honestly, she couldn’t be any more pristine than these views, could she? Since I’m leaving for Croatia next month, I thought I’d google their most beautiful beaches. I was pleasantly surprised, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. You will be receiving an enormous blogpost on Croatia’s islands after my holiday. In the meantime I’ll give you some of the world’s most loved beaches. As some sort of methadon. To keep you calm. Are you calm? Alright, here we go:

Big Sur, California, US

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Las Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain

Palawan, Philippines

Punaluu Beach, Hawaii



Zlatni Rat, Brac, Croatia

(copyright free images)


    1. @Thefashionfolio Palawan? Djeez, that looks amazing! And djeez, I need a holiday. Two months in the Philippines is what the doctor prescribes.

      1. @the.e.t  @Thefashionfolio Ja echt zaaaalig Palawan! Was wel 6 uur rijden van Puerto Princessa tot El Nido… But worth it! Bohol is ook cool, met chocolate mountains! Wil sowieso nog eens terug, voor de rijstvelden en Boracay (wel iets toeristischer)…

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