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Boring or exciting?

Just a few minutes ago I received a press release from Connections, a well known travel agency in Belgium. They have a new brochure to offer, one on Sri Lanka and the Maldives. And they included a picture of the latter. This kind of scenery never ceases to amaze me. You look at pictures like this and you immediately switch to holiday mode. Can you see yourself swimming in this blue ocean? Can you see yourself drinking a cocktail in a hammock with these kinds of views?

I don’t know man. Honestly I don’t know. At first glance you say: of course. It does look amazing, doesn’t it? Perhaps the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen. Perhaps this is the ultimate vacation dream for you. Perhaps perhaps perhaps. But if you really think about it. Wouldn’t you get bored out of your fu秒ng mind after two days? Or maybe that’s the point of a holiday to the Maldives. What do you think? It does look romantic. It might be the perfect honeymoon destination. But what do you do after sex? Hang out in the local bar with the local people? Too bad, there is no local bar and there are no local people. Only local fish. So you catch them and eat them in order to have enough strength to have sex again.

Ah, who am I kidding? This sounds like the ideal vacation. (Prices for 6 days starting from 595 euro,

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22 comments on “Boring or exciting?

  1. Well I love the place. I was fortunate enough to live there for a year (1974) and it was indeed a tropical paradise. Except there were more sharks in the water than there is now. As for things to do. Well, I was in the military at the time so there was plenty to do !!!!

    Good post.


  2. 5 days 4 nights tops… plenty of refueling :) We have wanted to do this but come back again to the same thing you said, great and relaxing but… then? 6 days would be too much …but I could handle a little of that view right now.


  3. I’ve always dreamed of going to a place like this. I agree, boredom may set in, but what a place to be bored in! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing :)


  4. Once again, I’ve got to rearrange my list. And honeymoon??? After 17 years with kids, the best thing you could do for your sex life is run away to a place like this! :-). The silence would be weird–in a novelty sort of way!


  5. Had a friend who worked in the Maldives at a resort. There is an option for cavorting with the local staff. They are usually from other places as well like Bali and Indonesia. That is if you are traveling alone. Another friend has been trying to get her boyfriend to take her there for 6 years now. He says, no golf, no way! I think a vacation where you sit around and do nothing would be kind of nice . . for 2 or 3 days. That is all I could take.


  6. I went to the Maldives a few years ago for four days. It wasn’t boring at all very exciting and lots of activities.


  7. I’m on the same boat! It’s one of those situations where you have to decide, do you want to “vacation” or “travel”? I am most definitely the latter! Stunning scenery – but one day here would be one too many!


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