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Ciao Ciao Cinque Terre

The.ego.tripper probably isn’t the most romantic guy in the world, but he couldn’t resist Cinque Terre. Please take a moment to say Cinque Terre out loud in your best Italian. Doesn’t matter that you’re pronouncing it awkwardly, it still sounds good to me. I visited these beautiful Italian villages in 2003 for the first time. I was backpacking through Italy with my buddy Sebastian and he proposed we’d go to Cinque Terre. Honestly, I had never heard of the place. But that didn’t matter. Soon, I fell in love. With the village, not with Sebastian. Although we did share a bunk bed. Stop talking now.

Okay, so, Cinque Terre is one of the few places I’ve been back to two more times. And therefore it has earned it’s place among legendary destinations such as Venice, Florence, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona and Los Angeles (don’t ask me why I’ve been to L.A. three times, it’s just the way it is, and although it’s on the Lonely Planet’s list of most terrible cities in the world, I still enjoy L.A.). But compared to these cities, Cinque Terre is completely different. The five Ligurian fishing villages – Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore (from north to south) – all have their place on the Unesco World Heritage list. No one wonders why. Just look at these pictures!

In the summer months Cinque Terre is packed with tourists. Strangely most tourists are Canadians, Americans with Canadian flags sewed on their backpacks and Australians. Which means English becomes the most spoken language in the five villages. But that doesn’t mean Cinque Terre has lost its authenticity. No sir, the five villages still ooze Italian charm! And they offer great food, a little culture and amazing nature, best seen from the ‘Via dell’Amore’, a 12 kilometer “road” connecting the five villages. Did you notice how I used the term “road” loosely. Good luck finishing the hike, it’s beautiful. And the good thing is: you don’t have to walk all the way back, you can just hop on the train.

The.ego.tripper in Riomaggiore, back in 2003. Almost ten kilograms ago.

24 comments on “Ciao Ciao Cinque Terre

  1. E.T. I really enjoy your blog. Photos and stories are amazing. But, I was thrown a big by your list of legendary cities. London, absolutely, Amsterdam, no doubt. Venice, Florence, Paris and Barcalona, absolutely. I totally get, but L.A. Really?!?!?! Please tell me you haven’t been seduced by tinseltown. I will give you the benefit of the doubt because your not from America. Haha.


    • Myes, good question. This is exactly the reason why I wrote “don’t ask me why”… :-) No honestly, I have a good friend who lives in Manhattan Beach and who knows all the nice places in LA, or at least in the beach towns. LA itself is not really my cup of tea, but for some reason I always end up having the time of my life over there. Thanks for the benefit of the doubt. I will not let you down again.


  2. Okay, so be honest with me…did my post about Milano, Italy trigger you writing about this? Simply because its in Italy? :)
    I was actually supposed to go to Cinque Terre this past week but didn’t since my friend’s wedding involved more partying in Milano than I expected. I certainly plan to still go in the next month though. Let me know if you want to join and say you were there one more time!
    Ciao Ciao!


    • If I’m completely honest: no. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all celebrate your upcoming 30th birthday in Cinque Terre, does it? Ciao bella!


    • Wait, let me rephrase. Here is what I meant: to be honest, no, your post on Milano didn’t trigger this post on Cinque Terre (that’s what the no in the original reaction stood for). Although it might have on some level, I suppose. So, you haven’t gone to Cinque Terre yet. Instead you’re partying in Milan. Well, it’s your friends wedding, you’re supposed to party. Hopefully you’re enjoying yourself. And hopefully you’ll still visit Cinque Terre, it’s well worth it. Besides, you’ll be 30 soon, if I read it correctly on your blog. The perfect excuse to organize a trip to Cinque Terre, isn’t it?


  3. Y’all look like you’re down for whatever! What a great experience that was. Backpacking Italy for the first time, best trip of my life…


  4. Simply amazing. I lived over a year in Florence…and not once did I make it to Cinque Terre. That’s why I love posts like this — starts reminding me that it’s time to finally check it out! Great post!


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