Hierve El Agua


Did I already explain the importance of decent holiday pictures? In case I didn’t: they’re quite important. You don’t want to go on this awesome vacation and come back with horrendous pictures of only yourself sipping on some cocktail, do you? No you don’t! You want to show off. You wanna be able to put your pictures on Facebook or Twitter in order to make your friends jealous. I know you think you’re better than that. But even if you are: it’s still nice to have a nice picture of a nice memory. For me, I keep a top ten of holiday pictures I love. By now, the top ten has turned into a top 50. But I still managed to select only ten for this blogpost.

Hierve El Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico

Palm Springs, USA

Tokyo, Japan

Tulum, Mexico

Cinque Terre, Italy

Oregon Coast, USA

Cape Town, South-Africa

Prague, Czech Republic

Antelope Canyon, USA

Sicily, Italy

3 comments on “Cheese

  1. I like your photos collection especially the one from Palm Springs! :DDDD
    I am an amateur photographer and sadly sometimes a camera cannot capture the most beautiful sceneries seen by our eyes…


    • Thank you. And yes, you are right about the camera not being able to capture all beauty. Fortunately, perhaps, it leaves a certain kind of mystery, doesn’t it?


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