Goodbye Arizona!

The unthinkable has happened on my last trip. My unbreakable Birkenstocks Arizona have died. And they will be missed. You must realize I’ve been walking the earth for almost ten years with these beauties on my feet. My heart is bleeding. I’ve bought new ones, ordered from Germany even, but they’re not the same. They are travel virgins, which means they will give me blisters and frustration on my next trip to a warm destination. Ah well, first world problems, aren’t they?



  1. Condolences on the Birkenstocks. I had a pair of Finn Comforts that if they could talk could tell amazing stories!lol
    Thanks for visiting one of my blogs.

  2. Just bought my first pair of Birckenstocks last summer. They so rock! I wasn’t sure about taking them to LA and Las Vegas with me, but I’m so glad I did. It’s the only shoe (well, sandal) that allows me to walk for hoouuuurs without painful feet, knees, back…

    1. You will enjoy them for years to come. And then they die. And you will cry. Be prepared for this moment.

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